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034; just because we said forever, it doesn't mean we meant it, right?

Jedd and I finally broke up.

Between issues with my parents, jealousy, and everything else. I was stupid enough to bring up the topic of breaking up. He said something about I finally pushed him to his limit and he couldn't bear with me any longer. It was over. We agreed that we'd be friends. I left him messages while he was asleep, things I wanted to tell him but never had the chance to. It was too little, too late. idk why i do this to myself either.

First thing I wanted to do was unblock Dai from my friend list. Next was call my mahou shoujo friend and take my mind off this. I don't really want to tell anyone irl yet. They're just going to say it's not really over for us. It's different this time because it was Jedd who finally gave up.

meh whatever
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